Mohammad Modarres was born in Isfahan(Iran).at early  childhood he found out about his strong  passion toward  arts especially drawing.he started his carrier when he was 15 years old at a local commercial tv company.Mohammad Graduated in craft and design in 2006  and  moved to Tehran to peruse his love to create character art.
During the time he was involved with Garshasp game as senior character artist.he  moved to San Francisco California in 2012 to peruse his dream to continue growing as an artist.he has  been an active part of Pixologic's Zbrush beta testing team  and  working as a freelance digital sculptor with McFarlane Toys on projects like Assassin Creed, the Walking Dead, Halo . as well  as publishing articles in 3dartist magazine and video tutorial for Uartsy.

He is  working at Luma pictures on movies like Deadpool,Capitan america ,civil war and Dr Strange ,also working with    Anatomytools team  on an unannounced project.